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I've been reading this duo so obsessively, so I'm finally going to work on a reclist of all Dick + Damian stuff ever (or at least, all Dick + Damian things that I have found on the internet in my long hours of stalking that are of long and decent quality)


These are non fic but
These twitter RPs with Batbros and Robinception are the most awesome Dick/Damian snippets I've ever read. You can find them logged HERE (Start with ones at the bottom of the page). Just note IA means in action like words the characters are physically speaking out. Most posts are meant to be read from top to bottom. These aren't just normal normal-life bantering, they actually are going on missions, training, etc! Give it a try, I never regretted doing so.

Also, the AskDickandDamian tumblr is a wonderful combination of great art and good characterization where Dick and Damian answer viewer-submitted questions. CHECK IT OUT DOITDOITDOIT

Dick loves Damian, Damian is not amused (especially when trying to confess his insecurity)
Damian slips up, Dick finds it adorable, Damian is STILL not amused
Goodnight kiss
Damian loves kitties, Dick wants to be loved
YJ!verse D+d

Title: Unsettled
Summary: Damian discovers something that has him unsettled, so he consults Dick about it
My Comments: This is all sorts of brilliant and d'aww

Title: Dick hugs are the best on bad days
Summary: Refer to title
My Comments: lfjasd;lfkjasldfj; SOCUTE

Title: A Renegade Knight
Summary: Dick Grayson has stepped down from Batman and become Nightwing again. But when Red Hood is attacked by a villain identified as Renegade, how will the Batfamily react? And what is Deathstroke up to this time?
My Comments: Admittedly, this is more Dick-centric than Dick+Damian centric, but this is my goddamn "THE REBOOT IS A BUNCH OF BS THIS IS MY NEW HEADCANNON" fic and the Dick+Damian interaction in there is nice

Title: Brave New World
Summary: Damian Wayne ends up in the YJ-verse
My Comments: One of the few awesome long fics with Damian ending up in the YJ verse

Title: Pawn to Rook
Summary: Bruce is back and Damian is not happy about being usurped by Tim. Dick tries to stay out of it... then doesn't.
My Comments: It's interesting to just see the development going on here

Title: Who Else to Hold as the World Falls Down?
Summary: Post apocalyptic AU, Dick made his way towards them in a whirlwind of blood and gore, screaming for his littlest brother
My Comments: MY HEART ;__;

Title: All Due Honor
Summary: If it came down to a choice between his father and Grayson, there’s no question where his loyalty would lie, except Damian has no clue. 
My Comments: Really short, but I love the undertone and message 

Title: To break and mold
Summary: AU WiP where Dick is actually the younger sibling adopted by Bruce Wayne and Damian is hostile.
My Comments: It's an interesting start, but I've given up on it being updated :C


Title: Closure
Warnings: Slash, smut in part 2
Summary: Dick needs to talk things over with Damian so he can move on. The first thing he needs to establish is whether or not the whole affair was only in his own imagination.
My Comments: This is older!Damian for those uncomfortable with young Damian. 

Title: Grooming
Warnings: Slash, daaark
Summary: Damian has Dick marked for his own, when he grows up, and lets no one come between them. Damian's as young as you feel comfortable with; and Dick is unaware of his "little brother's" feelings.
My Comments: Gives me the creepy shivers

Title: I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent
Warnings: Slash, Teacher/Student relationship (Damian is...somewhere around underaged), slight lemon in part 3
Summary: The year is 1958, Dick Grayson is a beatnik history teacher and Damian is a brooding outsider come to shake up all the squares, jocks, hep-cats and kittens. Crazy man, craaazy.
My Comments: So I usually don't go for school AUs. But this one is pretty well done and I always love the banter between the two. If you don't like slash, you can still read chapter 1 as relatively unslash-y

Title: Tonight I Sleep on a Bed of Nails
Warnings: Slash, mentions of sex
Summary: Tim confronts Damian about how to deal with an unrequited crush on Dick Grayson (he's been there). 
Of course, Damian always gets what he wants. Even if it's a long road to winning over his crush.
My comments: There's also some Tim/Other here and Tim/Dick but not major. 

Title: Extensive Research
Warnings: Minor slash/UST
Summary: Various scenes as Damian grows older and Grayson grows…interesting. 
My comments: There's lots of d'aww in this one. Even if you don't like slash, the relationship between the two is really caught well here

Title: Gifted
Warnings: Slash, WiP
Prince Damian al Ghul receives a gift in the form of a slave named Richard.
My Comments: I kinda didn't like the Jason/Dick side relationship here, but the writing is good. Damian and Dick's interactions are  slow-building

Title: Business Before Pleasure
Warnings: Slash, minor smut in future chapters, a side of Bruce/Jason and Tim/Kon
Summary: Damian's observation that Dick likes to be tied up leads to the Wayne brothers starting a superhero line of sex toys (made by superheros FOR superheros). Batfamily bonding is had...with plenty of dysfunction
My Comments: This fic is awesome, because not only does it have bat!bros (kinda) getting along, the writing is just brilliant. Also, there is strip poker night and breakdowns, who doesn't love that?

Title: Sixth Time's the Charm
Warnings: Slash
Summary: Five times Damian hit on Dick and Dick was oblivious and one time it worked. Featuring hormones, fluff, the traditional Batman/Robin breakup fight, Tim being all-knowing, and a terrible superhero name.
My Comments: Fairly enjoyable read :)

You know what, I think Miss Synph in general has a ton of well written Dick/Damian slash so I'll just rec her in general
Also OutoftheCavern on Tumblr also writes a bit of Dick/Damian


Also these are just more YJ fic with Dick and Damian. I must find them ALL
Dick has his older siblings visit him after injury
...wait goddamn I lost the other 2. UGHSDLKFJS:KDF
There's at least 3-4 more I know of. One was pretty good with Damian visiting Dick and having a pseudo dub-con relationship with him. Sadly, my bookmark folder is so deep and scary and my tags are like "f;alksjdf;laksjdf"
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I found a cockroach in my rice today. I don't think this is helping my anorexia/inability to eat in large amounts at all urg @__@
WHY IS IT SO HARD TO BREAK 95 POUNDS? sdka;sldkjf;aslkdjf;kadl
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So yeah, guess who's writing fanfiction for the first time in months? I couldn't help it, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep was so shiny and tempting. And I continued a KHR fic I had notes for because I just wanted it done.

But in other news, I'm fixing up my Umbreon costume. Just re-stuffing my tails/ears and resowing on some of my rings. I'm not sure if I want to add anything, I kinda like the simplicity of the costume. Maybe get black gloves or something. Oh, and I need to do something with my hair. It's getting long now after I promised my dad I'd keep it long in exchange for him constantly shaving his mustache/goatee. I miss my short hair, long hair is so much more frustrating/troublesome and hot. 

My friend is going to dress up as a jolteon. I'm helping her make her ears/tails/other minor things. It's going to be fun, this is the first con I've gotten to go with her. Oh, but we are apparently going to be 8 people in one room with two beds and a couch. Eek. That doesn't seem fun.

Oh, has anyone gotten the shiny Entei from gamestop yet? I'm getting mine Thursday hopefully P:
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Have you ever closed the door on an opportunity or a relationship in order to open another door, only to realize you made the wrong choice?

Hmm, I dunno what is defined as "wrong choice." I guess it's wrong if I feel it's bad but...my feelings about most of these situations are mixed.

For example, in my last year of middle school, I chose to go to a different middle school so I would be in the recruiting zone of the highschool my parents wanted me to go to. This meant being much farther away from my friends and rarely seeing them all since they live over 45+ minutes away and the only time I got to see them mostly was school.

So yeah, fastforward over 4 years and we have grown pretty distant. I still keep in contact with maybe 2-4 of them but we only hang out maybe twice a year because the high school I'm in is very academic. But I've also made a lot of new awesome friends. I do admit in my middle school, I felt a bit like an outsider. I was in this accelerated class but I was only close to maybe 2 other students there and then one of those students just kinda broke off his friendship with me. Probably because I was an annoying little kid back then haha.The bulk of my friends were in non accelerated classes and we only chilled at lunch/afterschool.  

Now in my current highschool, I feel like I'm a lot closer to a lot more of my classmates. I don't know if it's because if I matured or if I'm just around people who can tolerate/relate with me more. There's also several silly anime loving people who are in the IB program at my school too so I get more friends who have classes with me. 

Would I have gotten this if I went to the other high school my old friends are going to? Maybe. I do know my current school is much better academic wise and it's been great being so challenged/pushed to do better. But it'd be mean to say this was the "right" choice because that'd be kinda like dissing my old friends who have also supported me a lot back then and helped me shape some of my personality. I can't just say "I had a friend back then that could always make me smile no matter what and now I have a new friend who can do the same so my life is equal." That's kinda unfair to both of them D:

So yeah, I think I don't like this question's wording. Theory of Knowledge class or IB in general has gotten me in the habit of challenging questions alksjd;afksdjfawer

Last LJ post that I have to post this beginning/end text, woo xD



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 Ahaha, Bakuman anime has been pretty interesting so far. Well. I just like the flow of it so far. My friend has been encouraging me to watch it so it's the only anime I keep up to date on. Any other recs? :P

Also, I feel bad for pimping buuut I need all the votes I can get. There's this scholarship thing where you take a pic of you and your best friend and get people to vote on it (Once a day!) so I'd really appreciate it if you can vote for my friend and me :)


In other news, Stanford Restrictive Early Action is coming up in 3 weeks eep \o/
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 So today, I succumbed to temptation and bought one of those pokemon card sets for 20 dollars *__*

It was a really impulsive buy. But I'm happy I made it. I really miss opening up card packs and being all excited over what's in them and SMELLING the new cards. I love the smell of the cards especially. And the pretty art. And the shiny holo/reverse holo cards. Super awesome :)

The TCG has definitely changed since I first started though. Cards now look so much more sleek. I was browsing online looking up info about the tournaments and stuff and then I decided to stick to competitive pokemon only in video games...the card game costs waaay too much. But opening booster packs just gave me so much nostalgia about when my mom bribed me to go shopping with her with a pack of pokemon cards when I was a little kid. And of all the times I rearranged my pokemon cards...they took up SO much space when I arranged them. But it was super fun.

Although really, the whole new lvl x thing and EX and whatever seem just...really unnecessarily flashy? But maybe younger kids these days really like stuff like that (pff, I probably would too a few years ago) so it's necessary to keep the franchise going. I bet the game is probably still fun to play and I would totally play the TCG if I had the time/money to do it but for now I'll just stick to the cheaper video games lololol

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What was your childhood dream? Did you ever accomplish it?

My childhood dream was to become a pokemon master (obvviously) and I (obviously) never accomplished it :P

I do like dabbling in competitive pokemon and even once in the TCG around middle school. Maybe one day (when I have free time) I'll go try and become a pkmn master again but for now...school :(


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 I really REALLY don't understand fics that say something like "REALLY OoC!"
Seriously, isn't the purpose of fan fiction trying to portray the original work in a new light/direction but still keeping the essence of the original characters? I guess I don't mind if some change in characterization comes from plot events. Naruto turns blind and gains a bit more patience? Sure no problem. The characters getting slightly drunk is okay too, as long as they don't do anything so unrealistic (within the realms of being drunk) while they are drunk. Turning Ryoma into a female that spazzes way too much and PMSes over dramatically? No thx. Cloud becoming an overly timid stumbling pile of goo when talking to Sephiroth is not very appealing either, Cloud has a backbone darn it and it should not be surgically removed for no good reason.

So yeah, I tend to flee at these "OoC" signs. It's like molding a cannon character into your own personal OC or self insert and just sticking the name of another character on it. It's like fraud D:<

And a writer really should have more confidence in his/her characterization. Kinda stupid to post a fic where you think the characters are completely different from normal. It's like admitting to the fraud! If you are committing fraud at least be discreet about it!  Well, at least it helps me avoid the fic
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SO I HAVE FINALLY DEFEATED THE EVIL COMPUTER VIRUS. For now at least. It tried to come back THREE TIMES ALREADY,but thankfully I now have two anti-spyware ... things on my computer and FIREFOX3. FIREFOX 3 IS AWESOME. Except IT DOESN'T LET YOU CHOOSE HOW FAR BACK YOU WANT TO GO (I think, or I just fail at finding the controls) D:
Still, it is awesome and I adore it so so much. It's stopped the attacks. I also upped my privacy/security settings. Yay for having fast virus free interwebs again!

Also, new KHR chapter this week was AWESOME ♥♥♥
XANXUS. I have a new love/respect for him ♥
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Ugg. So, my computer has some really nasty virus/spyware/malware/whatever you call it things that I can't seem to get rid of. I tried to get rid of it all of yesterday and PHAILED. Which is why I'm typing on the family laptop right now. I have no clue when I can get it fixed - dad mentioned wiping my drive later to fix it which means I'll have to move over 200 files into my flash drive if it can even hold that amount D:

So until I get that problem sorted along with other school related stress, I think I may go on a LJ hiatus.
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