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Writer's Block: One door closes, another one opens - lunarfirefox
Writer's Block: One door closes, another one opens
Have you ever closed the door on an opportunity or a relationship in order to open another door, only to realize you made the wrong choice?

Hmm, I dunno what is defined as "wrong choice." I guess it's wrong if I feel it's bad but...my feelings about most of these situations are mixed.

For example, in my last year of middle school, I chose to go to a different middle school so I would be in the recruiting zone of the highschool my parents wanted me to go to. This meant being much farther away from my friends and rarely seeing them all since they live over 45+ minutes away and the only time I got to see them mostly was school.

So yeah, fastforward over 4 years and we have grown pretty distant. I still keep in contact with maybe 2-4 of them but we only hang out maybe twice a year because the high school I'm in is very academic. But I've also made a lot of new awesome friends. I do admit in my middle school, I felt a bit like an outsider. I was in this accelerated class but I was only close to maybe 2 other students there and then one of those students just kinda broke off his friendship with me. Probably because I was an annoying little kid back then haha.The bulk of my friends were in non accelerated classes and we only chilled at lunch/afterschool.  

Now in my current highschool, I feel like I'm a lot closer to a lot more of my classmates. I don't know if it's because if I matured or if I'm just around people who can tolerate/relate with me more. There's also several silly anime loving people who are in the IB program at my school too so I get more friends who have classes with me. 

Would I have gotten this if I went to the other high school my old friends are going to? Maybe. I do know my current school is much better academic wise and it's been great being so challenged/pushed to do better. But it'd be mean to say this was the "right" choice because that'd be kinda like dissing my old friends who have also supported me a lot back then and helped me shape some of my personality. I can't just say "I had a friend back then that could always make me smile no matter what and now I have a new friend who can do the same so my life is equal." That's kinda unfair to both of them D:

So yeah, I think I don't like this question's wording. Theory of Knowledge class or IB in general has gotten me in the habit of challenging questions alksjd;afksdjfawer

Last LJ post that I have to post this beginning/end text, woo xD



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